Services and Capabilties

Performance Capabilities

TechSmart is a certified economically disadvantaged, woman-ownend, small business specializing in providing energy-efficient products made in the USA.

Return On Investment (ROI) Analysis

TechSmart wants you to save money, so, we will run an ROI that will show you how your annual electrical savings can pay for your investment. You’ll see savings on your electric bill of up to 50 percent!

Photometric Studies

Our team of TechSmart professionals will create photometric studies based on foot-candle readings. These studies display and analyze light levels of existing fixtures, examine the impact of future fixtures, and establish an average, base-level of light a property should maintain.

Lighting Specifications

Proper lighting can improve productivity. It keeps you working safely and efficiently. TechSmart wants to help you work under the best lighting possible, while also remaining as energy efficient as possible. 

Design Build Services 

TechSmart is upgrading your lighting project to fit your personal needs. We’d like to design a plan that matches those same needs. Whether your in need of a lighting upgrade, or new control systems, we want to help your business, warehouse, or property run as smoothly and energy efficient as possible.  

Project Management

From start to finish, TechSmart will assist you with all your projects needs. First, we’ll start with a walk through to determine your priorities. Then, we’ll supply all the products and labor, and supervise the installation to maintain quality.


Environmental sustainability has become an essential part of the business world. With TechSmart’s recycling program, you’ll have a simple way to shrink your business’ carbon foot print. 


We offer smart financing with a select lender as an option to pay off your project. Using incentives, rebates, and ROI analysis, we’ll get you the best deal possible and keep the costs down. 

Retro-Fit and Upgrade Program

TechSmart will upgrade your existing system to more energy efficient lighting and technology, for both commercial, and government facilities.