Retro-Fit and Upgrade Program

T12 Upgrades

T12 fluorescent bulbs were phased out in July of 2012.  TechSmart Energy will help you upgrade these old fixtures to new T8 or T5 technology, and save you money at the same time.

High-Bay Lighting

Our intuition tells us you need your fixtures to do more. TechSmart will work with you to provide all the energy efficiency and lighting quality you need, while implementing future-proof systems for value-added applications.

HID Upgrades

Upgrade old HID lamps and ballasts to newer, more energy efficient flourescent and LED technology. 

Exterior Lighting

Energy efficient lighting is not exclusive to the insides of warehouses and buildings. TechSmart wants to help upgrade your outdoor lighting too.

Nationwide Incentive Management

Rebate incentives are a great prize, and should be a major motivation for upgrading the lighting in all your facilities. TechSmart will help you establish your rebate, and even do all the paperwork for you. 

Don’t Forget the Small Stuff

Exit signs and occupancy sensors nearly pay for themselves with generous incentives.