Exterior Lighting

A lot of money and energy is wasted in outdoor lighting. With a few simple changes, you can lower the costs and help save the environment. 


Parking Lot Lighting

Older parking lots are often under lit with obsolete or inefficient equipment. Thankfully, these problems can easily be solved with a lighting upgrade to lower energy costs and improve light levels. 

Outdoor Site Luminaire: In T5HO fluorescent or LED

Parking Garages

There are generous rebates available to those who upgrade old high pressure sodium or metal halide lit garages to more energy-efficient fluorescent and LED fixtures. You could save up to $100 per fixture in energy costs a year and receive up to $120 per fixture in incentives now.

 Wall Packs

Upgrading outdoor wall packs to newer, more energy efficient LED technology will not only brighten the outside of your building, it will improve security and lower maintenance costs. 

Outdoor Wall Pack