Task Lighting

A simple and practical component of
an energy-efficient lighting system.

The process of upgrading to an energy-efficient lighting system involves the evluation of many potential options. As described above, the procedure involves surveying, options analysis, and trial installation before the final full-scale upgrade. One component of the final energy-efficient lighting system that is often overlooked is the use of task lighting. "Task Lighting" is any localized light source in a person's work area directed on some activity or "Task" (e.g., an adjustable-arm desk lamp).

Use of task lighting can significantly reduce overall lighting demands by effectively putting the light where it is needed-on the individual's desk. Instead of attempting to generate all the light needed on the desktop from overhead fixtures, a system that uses task lighting can achieve desired lighting output at the work surface level more efficiently and with less power consumption.

Task lighting improves the quality of light by putting the user in control of the direction and intensity of the light falling on his her work area. This flexibility is crucial to compensate for differences in vision between people. Older people need substantially more light to see than younger people. The visual capabilities of individuals of the same age can vary greatly.

By raising, lowering, and tilting an adjustable-arm task light, the user determines how much light is needed, and the best angle required to avoid direct glare and reflections. A task light permits an individual to compensate for fluctuations within one's own visual acuity from time to time, as well as variations throughout the day caused by changes in daylight.

In addition to reduced power consumption as compared to a system that relies totally on overhead lighting, task lights are easy to install and maintain. Task lights are available in several mounting options that are quick to install in a variety of locations. Advantages are gained in ease of lamp replacement and cleaning.

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