High Bay Lighting

Light Corp is redefining industrial lighting for large spaces. Our intuition tells us you need your fixtures to do more: to provide all the energy efficiency and lighting quality you would expect, while acting as a future-proof system for value-added applications.

Lumintuition™ gives you all the advantages of fluorescent lighting. Semaphore high bay industrial lighting fixtures are designed for manufacturing, warehouse, gymnasium, big-box retail, and architectural applications.

Intu™ takes Semaphore to the next level. This integrated, intuitive technology creates a wireless mesh network that provides ultimate programmable workspace control and eliminates costly moves, adds, and changes. Intu allows you to maximize energy savings by managing every degree of the workspace—remotely, securely, effortlessly.

Innovative exoskeleton

  • architectural in design
  • lightweight but strong
  • easy accessibility to ballast and internals without removing fixture Intelligent T8 and T5 fluorescent lamps
  • stay brighter longer
  • high color-rendering index
  • glare control
  • instant on
  • dimmable
  • compatible with occupancy sensors
  • qualify for energy rebates

Proprietary Slip-fit mounting system

  • reduces installation time by 75%
  • seismic tested
  • allows for continuous adjustability while in use (unlike cheaper imitations)

Integrated occupancy sensors

  • wireless technology
  • ultimate control over energy savings

Unique pallet system

  • no packaging, no waste, less clean-up time
  • no fixture assembly required
  • easier installation

Optimal electronic ballasts

  • most energy-efficient on the market
  • thermally protected
  • Class 'P'
  • HPF
  • sound rated

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