Digital Microscopy

What is the speckFINDER HD® from DAZOR?

  • speckFINDER HD® is a visual imaging system used by people who need to see precise details of the objects they work with everyday, but also demand an alternative to the daily fatigue and limited functionality associated with common workstation microscopes and stereoscopes. 
  • speckFINDER HD® technology completely integrates the: technologies of high quality optics, digital cameras, LED lighting, glass displays, personal computing electronics, and mechanics, to produce a workstation- friendly computer video microscope. Unlike conventional microscopes or stereoscopes with which a user must conform their body to a machine,
  • speckFINDER HD® technology allows the user to obtain a comfortable posture and then adjust the machine to their individual comfort needs. Single or multiple workers can view magnified images simultaneously and effortlessly.

Because speckFINDER HD® combines multiple optical and digital technologies, images can also be stored in multiple digital formats, networked, and software enhanced as needed. Measurement, drawing, call-outs, and overlays are all conveniently available within speckFINDER HD®'s standard technology package. Live or stored speckFINDER HD® images can be viewed on another display or projected onto an overhead screen for training, instructing, or supervising. 

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