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Save Money On Parking Garages

Be the next to experience the benefits of upgrading your parking garage. Ameren Missouri is offering generous rebates to those who upgrade old high pressure sodium or metal halide lit garages to more energy-efficient fluorescent and LED fixtures. You could save up to $100 per fixture in energy costs a year and receive up to $120 per fixture in incentives now.

Still need more convincing? We have more savings and benefits: 

  • Lower Wattage: High-efficiency fluorescent fixtures can use up to a third of the power metal halide or high pressure sodium fixtures use. 
  • Lower Operating Costs: Lower wattage, longer life, and lower maintenance costs all add up to a lower cost of operation.
  • Quicker Start: Fluorescent and LED fixtures reach full brightness almost immediately. This makes them perfect for the use of motion and daylight sensors that turn lights off when you don’t need them.
  • Security Business: The better people (and security cameras) can see, the safer the building.

You could be eligible for incentives between $40 and $120 a fixture, dependent on your wattage reduction. TechSmart is here to help you get started, and get you the largest rebate possible. Contact us by email: or phone: (314)394-1951 today!

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